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Pixel Gun 3D

If you are a game maniac and playing video games is just not a part of your life, but beyond, then Pixel Gun 3D is the game that you should just try right away. If you are already involved in the game and love the part of slaying zombies every moment, but stuck at a certain stage to unlock a weapon and don’t have money to spend, then you certainly have arrived at the right place.

Pixel Gun 3D is making a lot of buzzes and getting a lot of consideration in the world of video games for being a game that is nowhere less than the word “awesome.” If you are already acquainted enough with the game, you would certainly understand the fame it is gaining in a short period time

Pixel Gun 3D game is based on the war theme and is all about your survival. The main theme of the game is to protect your village that is invaded and destroyed by the zombies, and that is not where the end lies, but the player needs to go to the root of the cause. The player will be given weapons, and there are more than 100 sorts you can choose from. You have to survive till the end until you have slayed all the zombies.

The game can be played in several modes like single player mode and multi-player mode, and the players can choose to play locally and accept challenges or to play globally. There are so many things to explore that not for a moment the players get bored.

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